Looking into an aspen patch on the Bridger-Teton National Forest

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This was taken in a primitive campground in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. What fate awaits
our non-RV national forest campgrounds? Let the Park Service know how you feel about their
campground plan: Contact Link

January 3, 2007

Wilderness-Sportsman Music Club

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After 25 years, Pink Floyd officially reunites for Live 8 and steals the show:

Oregon: New forest management rules op-ed

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But under its new rule, the Forest Service must do neither, making it impossible for the public to hold the Forest Service to account if it violates the law.

Wyoming: Golden eagle may set record

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At 18.5 pounds, the female golden eagle that Beringia South biologists captured under overcast skies Nov. 13 in Buffalo Valley trumps the heaviest golden eagle weight recorded by about 30 percent.

Minnesota: Region’s drought intensifies

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Utah: State plans to send moose to Colorado

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As many as 10 females will be captured about 60 miles north of Salt Lake City on Thursday and transported by trailer to Grand Mesa National Forest, near Grand Junction, Colo.

Minnesota: Outdoor issues of 2007

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Oregon: DeFazio against Parks fee increase

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The National Park Service wants to double the admission fee at Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park, and Congressman Peter DeFazio is against it.

January 2, 2007

Entering occupied grizzly bear habitat (and comments)

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I took this video this summer in the Gallatin National Forest. The quality is a bit sketchy due to Youtube’s policy.

I want to thank all the readers of the Wilderness-Sportsman. I look forward to continuing into the New Year. Our readership has tripled over the last few months, which is pretty remarkable. I look forward to providing more daily updates on conservation news. We will also be adding more Ted Williams articles and more multimedia as well.

Hopefully 2007 will offer up many wilderness bills due to the new Democratic control of congress. With Pombo and his ilk gone, the activities of the House should be more agreeable to conservaton minded public lands users.

Have a great year, and enjoy *your* public lands!

Montana: Groups will likely appeal Middle East Fork ruling

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“We would have gone to the 9th Circuit Court regardless of the ruling to argue the merits of the case further,” said Larry Campbell, conservation director for Friends of the Bitterroot. “Even if, five years from now, the timber is long gone, we still might have a chance of getting the regional soil standard changed and set a precedent.”

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